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The Keynote Speakers 2021

5. Februar 2021, 9:29 Uhr | Joachim Kroll
Keynote-Sprecher embedded world Conference 2021 DIGITAL
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»embedded.intelligent.systems – the innovators' place to be« is the motto of the embedded world Conference 2021 DIGITAL. The keynote speakers are great innovators. Here they are.

15 international keynote speakers will give their presentations at the embedded world Conference 2021 DIGITAL. This miraculous »multiplication« is due to the digital format, and to a new feature in the conference format. As the conference expands from three to five days, there will be five main keynotes from leading CEOs, analysts and top scientists. During these main keynotes, no other presentations will take place at the same time.

Another ten keynotes are assigned to the ten conference theme areas. These »track keynotes« feature distinguished experts in their field who present a topic from an introductory or overview perspective.

Keynote Speakers ew conference

Dr  Reinhard Ploss
© Infineon
Prof. Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer
© Fraunhofer IESE
Gray Paul
© Omdia

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