The Babel Fish for the Internet of Things

20. April 2018, 15:51 Uhr | Hagen Lang
The IoT-Controller Edge from EDOMO.
The IoT-Controller Edge from EDOMO.

The "Babel Fish" in Douglas Adam's novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is a small creature that can be inserted into the ear and translates all the languages of the universe. A similar functionality is provided by the devices from EDOMO GmbH in Karlsruhe for the protocols of the IoT.

Whether smart building, smart home or intelligent factory building: building management suffers from a Babylonian language confusion of different protocols, systems and interfaces.  The central EDOMO platform solves the problem of incompatible communication standards, brings them together and ensures flexible combinability of sensors, actuators, gateways and gadgets from different manufacturers, independent of protocol or interface, by separating the functions and logic of the IoT components and taking over their control from the EDOMO software engine. 

EDOMO calls this concept "Software Defined Building Automation". This results in holistic applications with low maintenance requirements that meet all security requirements at manageable technical and financial expense. 

The EDGE IoT controller for DIN-rail mounting with 4 HP width has a Raspberry Compute Module 3 and 16GB memory with ARM Cortex-A53 Quadcore processor with 1200 MHz. Two LAN ports allow the separation between control network and operating network, as well as optionally different radio or cable connection modules for different IoT connections. Optionally, an mSATA SSD is also integrated, which records log files or operating data. 

The RF and bus multi-protocol gateway EDOMO GATE is also intended for the DIN rail (2 HP) and has four further communication interfaces for IoT devices. The connection is made via two switched LAN ports, via which a "daisy-chain" can be set up if required. An additional network switch in the distributor is therefore not required.  Encryption is secure between GATE and EDGE or CUBE. 

As CPU GATE uses a ST Microsystems STM32 processor, by RF-Link module can be communicated on 433/868 Mhz (BidCos, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Zigbee), by BUS-Link module the connection to KNX, OneWire, DMX, DALI and other systems takes place.  The CUBE is an integrated IoT controller and media player with extensive connection options via cable (Modbus TCP, REST, CoAP, MQTT, OPC UA) and RF 433/868 Mhz (BidCos, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Zigbee).

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