Electromobility Report 2020 by CAM

Tesla World's Largest E-Vehicle Manufacturer

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Tesla World's Largest E-Vehicle Manufacturer
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Tesla is the top-selling electric car manufacturer in 2019, according to the Electromobility Report 2020 of the Center of Automotive Management.

Tesla has increased its deliveries by 50 percent to 367,000 passenger cars in 2019. This makes the company the top-selling electric carmaker in 2019, ahead of BYD with 219,000 cars, with BMW and Volkswagen in fifth and sixth place. These are the results of CAM's Electromobility Report 2020.

The Electromobility Report 2020 written by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) said that Tesla is now the manufacturer of the world's largest e-vehicle fleet. In 2019, the Californians benefited above all from sales of the Model 3, which was also the world's best-selling vehicle model of the year with over 300,000 units sold worldwide. Of these, around 160,000 vehicles were sold in the USA, around 100,000 in Europe and around 30,000 in China.

Since the launch of the Model S in 2012, Tesla has sold a total of around 900,000 electric vehicles worldwide. Here, the Americans are replacing the Chinese manufacturer BYD, which was unable to increase its e-vehicle sales including plug-in hybrids for the full year 2019, partly due to the reduction in subsidies by the Chinese government in July. BYD has sold a total of around 750,000 electric cars between 2012 and 2019.

Tesla expects more than half a million new registrations for 2020 as a whole. Growth is expected to come mainly from the ramp-up of the new factory in Shanghai and the new Model Y, which will initially be built in Fremont, California. The CAM considers the growth targets for the current year to be quite achievable, so that the e-car manufacturer will remain the market leader by a clear margin in the current year. Nevertheless, the achievement of these targets depends to a large extent on the volatile conditions in the Chinese automotive market, which is currently being severely hampered by the corona virus epidemic in addition to the trade conflicts with the USA.

Head of the study Stefan Bratzel explains: »Tesla is currently the innovation leader in the field of pure electric mobility with a two to three year lead and the benchmark for the other car manufacturers. This applies to the battery's core module, including charge management, the rapid charging infrastructure, as well as the vehicle's software architecture and networking. nevertheless, with a consistent focus, both manufacturers and volkswagen have the potential to catch up and become market leaders by the mid-2020s.«

Supercharger trends

A further advantage is that Tesla has further expanded its company-owned rapid charging stations in the past year, which, alongside the vehicle models, are among the manufacturer's competitive advantages. Within a year, Tesla has increased the number of charging points in its supercharger network by around 4,000 to 16,104. This represents an increase of 34 percent. In 2019, the charging stations grew by 28 percent to the current 1,821 locations. However, this means that the number of quick-charging points will increase at a below-average rate compared to new Tesla registrations, i.e. more and more drivers will have to share a quick-charging point on long-haul routes. Whereas 44 passenger cars from the manufacturer had one charging point at the end of 2018, by the end of 2019 56 passenger cars will have to share one charging point. This could limit the market ramp-up in the long term, for example if queues at the charging stations were to form more frequently during peak periods, as was recently the case in the USA on Thanksgiving. Tesla operates over 500 charging stations with more than 4,700 charging points in 24 European countries alone.

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