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Laying of the Foundation Stone in Wört

TE Builds Plant for Battery Connection Technology for EVs

Feierliche Grundsteinlegung in Wört.
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TE celebrated the laying of the foundation stone of a new production site in Germany. The plant will manufacture connection systems for battery cells in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The site will become part of the Wört and Dinkelsbühl factory network and will supply automotive customers in Europe, China and the USA. The over 9,000 square meter building will provide space for offices, warehouses and production. Production is scheduled to start in 2020.

"The efficient storage of energy is a key technology for the evolution of electric mobility," says Matthias Lechner, SVP and General Manager, Automotive EMEA at TE Connectivity. "Our new plant will produce connectivity solutions that are critical for efficient battery cell technology and power electronics.

"We are pleased about the continuous investments in our plants in Wört and Dinkelsbühl," adds plant manager Andreas Lutz. "This important investment underscores the importance of our local commitment as well as production in close proximity to our customers in the German automotive industry.“

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