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TDK acquires Qeexo

4. Januar 2023, 12:00 Uhr | Andreas Knoll
Jim Tran, CEO der TDK USA Corporation
Jim Tran, TDK USA: "Qeexo can significantly accelerate the deployment of smart edge solutions."

TDK has announced that it has acquired US-based Qeexo, a developer of automated machine learning platforms. Through the acquisition, TDK aims to further expand its ML expertise, simplify ML application development and become a leader in smart edge solutions.

Qeexo is a venture-backed company that emerged from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and is focused on automating end-to-end machine learning for edge devices. The company develops an automated machine learning platform that accelerates the development of tinyML models for the Edge. As a result of the acquisition, Qeexo will become a wholly-owned TDK subsidiary - subject to customary closing conditions and approval by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS).

Based in Mountain View, California, Qeexo claims to be the first company to automate machine learning for edge devices end-to-end. Qeexo AutoML provides a no-code environment that enables data collection and training of 18 (and more) different machine learning algorithms, including neural networks and non-neural networks, on the same data set. Metrics are generated for each algorithm (accuracy, memory size, latency) so that users can select the model that best suits their individual needs. The cloud-based solution provides an intuitive UI platform system that allows users to collect, annotate, cleanse and visualise sensor data and automatically create tinyML models using various algorithms. Qeexo's AutoML platform enables customers to leverage sensor data to rapidly develop machine learning solutions that are optimised for low latency, low power and low memory requirements for applications in industrial, IoT, wearables, automotive and mobile, among others. With streamlined intuitive process automation, Qeexo AutoML customers can eliminate the need for expensive ML resources and accelerate the design of edge AI capabilities for their own specific applications.

"Qeexo combines expertise in development automation and implementation of machine learning applications for users without ML skills with the deployment of rich ML applications and sensor expertise," explains Jim Tran, CEO of TDK USA Corporation. "This can significantly accelerate the deployment of smart edge solutions. Combined with TDK's leading positions in sensors, batteries and other key components, Qeexo's expertise will enable the development of system-level solutions and for a wide range of applications and industries."

"Our platform has emerged from our own developments and extensive use of ML applications," comments Sang Lee, CEO of Qeexo. "This enables professionals to solve problems quickly and efficiently even without ML knowledge. We see our AutoML tool as an ideal complement to the smarter sensor systems TDK is developing."

TDK will showcase more than 30 different technologies, solutions and platforms at CES 2023, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) from 5 to 8 January 2023, and can be found in Central Hall at booth 16181. Qeexo will be demonstrating its Machine Learning platform solution in the TDK booth and will also be demonstrating its full range of technology solutions in the Qeexo booth 11222 in the North Hall.

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