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System-on-Module with NXP processor

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The rugged SoM for commercial vehicles and mobile machines from MicroSys Electronics offers 16 Arm Cortex-A72 cores. It is optimized for functional safety and is suitable for use in edge servers.

MicroSys Electronics adds the »miriac MPX-LX2160A« with NXP's LX2160A processor to its range of edge server class System-on-Modules (SoMs). It is optimized for use in commercial vehicles, mobile machines and for functional safety and operates with 16 Arm Cortex-A72 cores. Thus, it is predestined for (AI) edge servers, autonomous driving and situational awareness in cobots. The LX2160A is currently the fastest multi-core processor from NXP and offers twice as many cores as its predecessors.

Processor-integrated Ethernet controllers enable high-end communication with up to 100 Gbit/s Ethernet and integrated 116 Gbit/s Layer 2 Ethernet switching. In parallel, the module provides efficient packet offload to process and respond to all received information in parallel: The compression/decompression engine offers a data rate of 100 Gbps – hardware-based encryption performance has been accelerated by 67 %. PCIe 3.0 interfaces with x8 and x4 lanes are also included.

Microsys Electronics offers the module with onboard soldered memory. It includes application-ready hardware and function-validated hardware-related software. Microsys offers additional board- and system-level design services as needed – up to SIL certification and/or GPGPU implementations for artificial intelligence.

All components of the SoM are qualified for use in the extended temperature range of -40 to + 85 °C. Additional reliability is provided by the SoM's management engine: It supports on-demand programming of all relevant processor and module parameters as well as extensive monitoring functions. A comprehensive board support package including bootloader configuration and all required drivers for Linux are also included. The SoM is available as an application-ready off-the-shelf component as well as a development kit with carrier board, cable set and cooling solution.

The SoM miriac MPX-LX2160A offers:

  • QorIQ Layerscape based NXP LX2160A processor
  • 16 Arm Cortex-A72 cores with up to 2.2 GHz clock speed at 35 W TDP
  • 64 GB DDR4 memory with optional ECC support
  • Optional further 64 GB via two SO-DIMM sockets
  • Up to 256 GByte data storage via eMMC 5.1 HS400
  • 4x SATA
  • 24 SerDes lanes with integrated clock sequencer as configurable PCIe Gen3 x8 and x4 lanes as well as 100GbE/40GbE/25GbE/10GbE ports including 114-Gbit/s-L2-16 port Ethernet switch
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • CAN FD
  • SPI
  • I2C

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