Ford Joins Two Initiatives

Supply Chains to Become More Transparent and Sustainable

21. April 2022, 14:16 Uhr | Kathrin Veigel
Ford Catena-X Responsible Supply Chain Initiative
Ford wants to increase its commitment to the continuous improvement of supply chains and strives to do business with organisations that care for both people and the planet.
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European carmaker Ford has signed two major supply chain initiatives. They aim to establish industry standards for data exchange between companies and to enable a uniform assessment of the sustainability of production sites.

The first initiative Ford Europe has joined is the Catena-X Automotive Network, established to improve sustainability and efficiency throughout the automotive supply chain through continuous data exchange between partners. The second collaboration - the German Responsible Supply Chain Initiative (RSCI) - also provides data-based methods for more sustainable supply chains.

Joining these initiatives is an important step for Ford to achieve carbon neutrality at European sites, which the company has committed to achieve by 2035, including logistics and supply chain operations. Also by 2035, Ford is aiming for zero emissions from all vehicles sold in Europe.

As a digital infrastructure and collaborative network, Catena-X enables uniform standards for data and information exchange along the automotive value chain. Areas of application include quality management, maintenance, supply chain management and sustainability. The smooth flow of data between members and their global partners could improve problem management, for example to address supply chain pressures or raw material bottlenecks more quickly than has often been possible in the past1. Ford's participation in Catena-X is intended to increase the company's sustainability and make supply chains even more transparent. 

Ford is one of the 14 founding members of the Responsible Supply Chain initiative of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), which is based on association law. The aim is to develop standardised sustainability assessments of companies within automotive supply chains, including the evaluation of social standards, occupational safety and environmental protection. The Supplier Code of Conduct describes the requirements for supplier relationships in areas such as human rights, the environment, responsible sourcing of materials, responsible and lawful business practices and the associated implementation of these principles.

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