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Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA)

Strong Focus on the Automotive Segment

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Interest in fast serial connections in cars is growing – as rising membership numbers at ASA as well as new collaborations between industry associations show.

With ZF Active Safety GmbH, another Tier 1 has recently joined the Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA). Continental and Valeo e.g. are already members. As OEMs, BMW, Ford, Hyundai & Kia, Stellantis and Volvo Trucks support the initiative to standardize SerDes links for asynchronous signal transmission in cars.

In addition, ASA expects synergy effects from a cooperation with the Automotive Ethernet centric OPEN Alliance in the research of high-speed channel characteristics which are protocol agnostic and depend primarily on the operating frequency.  

The status of SerDes standardization will also be on the agenda of the virtual Automotive SerDes Conference, to be held on October 12 and 13, 2021. Over the course of two days, all interested parties can inform themselves about the latest developments, current trends as well as concrete solution strategies regarding Automotive SerDes.

The detailed program can be found on the conference website. The conference language is English.

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