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Scanner Makes Access Control Secure

Special Doorman for the Corona Period

Seek Scan
The »doorman« Seek Scan by Seek Thermal safely monitors the human temperature in entrance areas of buildings with a camera and a heat source.
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From California comes an infrared thermal imaging system that measures human skin temperature without contact. This enables the temperature on a person's face to be recorded in seconds and compared with the specified reference temperature. If this temperature is exceeded, an alarm is triggered.

The infrared thermal imaging system Seek Scan from the Californian company Seek Thermal consists of two components: A camera and a heat source. This system measures the temperature in a person's face, compares the measurement result with the defined reference temperature and triggers an alarm as soon as this is exceeded. The measuring accuracy is very high, it should be ±0.3 degrees Celsius. The system can be set up in just a few minutes thanks to the software included in the scope of delivery; only two tripods and a Windows PC are additionally required.

Fever measurement in the entrance area supplements hygiene concepts

Especially where many people come together, a bundle of measures is needed to make living together safer during the Corona crisis. Factories, hotels, restaurants, shops, authorities, educational institutions and leisure facilities must protect their employees, students, patients and customers from infection. At hubs such as airports, it is also important to prevent possible infection from spreading further.

One of the main symptoms of corona is fever, as studies by the WHO also show. In addition to classic hygiene measures, companies in Asia and the USA in particular are therefore already using additional access control by scanning body temperature.

Safe access thanks to fever scanner

Seek Scan
© Seek Thermal
Seek Scan
© Seek Thermal
Seek Scan
© Seek Thermal

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Easy to install system

Seek Thermal has now developed an indoor fever scanner that can be quickly installed in an entrance hall or lobby. This requires two tripods, which are set up at a distance of 1.5 metres. On one side the camera is installed and connected to a power outlet, on the other side the heat source. The heat source is connected to a Windows PC via USB.

The Seek Scan software is located on a supplied USB stick and can be quickly installed on the PC. This means that the system is ready for operation in a few minutes - without training or special equipment. The temperature is measured without contact directly in the face of the person and compared with the heat source as a reference. The measurement takes into account that the skin temperature is generally a few degrees below body temperature.

For a precise analysis it is important that the distance of 1.5 meters between the two measuring devices is maintained - this can be ensured, for example, by markings on the floor. From a safe distance, the temperature of visitors can be monitored from a PC, for example in a hotel lobby. Special security personnel are not required for this. The universal bouncer Seek Scan can therefore be used in small, medium and large companies.

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