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Ams Cooperates with Ibeo and ZF

Solid-State-LiDAR for Automotive

Ams, Ibeo und ZF starten eine Forschungskooperation für automobiltaugliche Festkörper-LiDAR-Systeme.
»The combination of our solution know-how and the VCSEL technology from Ams will lead to the breakthrough of solid-state LiDAR in the automotive sector« says Dr. Ulrich Lages, CEO of Ibeo Automotive Systems.
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Ams, Ibeo, and ZF Friedrichshafen jointly develop a solid state LiDAR system suitable for automobiles. It should be ready for operation in 2021.

LiDAR systems are already being used in series production in the automotive sector. The innovative character of the development cooperation is the development of a solid-state LiDAR for the automotive sector. This type does not require any mechanical parts to control the direction of the scanning light beam and ist therefore more reliable, less subject to wear and their design is less complex.

According to Ams, there are also advantages in terms of size, weight and cost.
LiDAR complements the radar and camera systems in the vehicle with its higher range and image resolution. Data fusion of LiDAR, radar and camera is regarded as a basic requirement for fully autonomous driving.

Ams automotive contributes VCSEL-Arrays (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) and the associated drivers to the cooperation. Ibeo is specialized in LiDAR-Sensors for driver assistance systems and employs around 350 people in Germany and the Netherlands. ZF Friedrichshafen has been a shareholder since 2016.

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