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Savings of more than 22 million tons of CO2 possible

10. März 2023, 10:23 Uhr | Irina Hübner
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According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the mark of one million registered e-cars in Germany has finally been cracked. Even with the current electricity mix, this already saves 730,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year, as calculations show.

An analysis by E.ON and Energy Brainpool analyzes the CO2 savings potential of electric cars today and in the future: »Our study shows that the one million registered e-cars already save 730,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year compared to combustion engines, even with the current electricity mix. Assuming operation purely on green electricity, that's already over 2.2 million tons of CO2 per year,« said Mathias Wiecher, managing director at E.ON Drive. »With up to 104,000 new e-car registrations every month and 470,559 in total, 2022 was an important year for electromobility and we see that more and more people want to switch to climate-friendly mobility.«

Target: 15 million e-cars by 2030

The German government's target calls for 15 million e-cars on German roads by 2030. These will be accompanied by a correspondingly large CO2 savings potential, as the E.ON analysis shows: »The planned 15 million e-cars could save 18 million tons of CO2 every year from 2030 onwards, and even around 22 million tons when charged with green electricity,« Wiecher explains.

As a result of the energy turnaround, especially the phase-out of coal by 2030, the share of green electricity in the electricity mix will continue to increase. Thus, for customers, electromobility is not only a form of mobility suitable for everyday use without loss of comfort and individuality, but also the key to sustainable decarbonization of road traffic.

E.ON charging stations with 100 percent green electricity

At public charging stations from E.ON, e-mobilists charge their e-car with 100 percent green electricity as standard. Those who charge their electric cars at home using an E.ON tariff generally do so with green electricity - because new special electricity contracts already supply E.ON customers with 100 percent green electricity. In addition, all households already supplied by E.ON are gradually being switched to green power.

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