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Safe for the Future

24. Februar 2021, 10:00 Uhr   |  Harry Schubert

Safe for the Future

Follow the expert panels of embedded world 2021 DIGITAL via video conferencing

At embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, three experts from the industry will discuss on Tuesday, 2 March, secure hardware and software for embedded systems. They want to show a path forward to provide safety and security for small projects as well.

The focus of the embedded world 2021 Safe for the Future panel will be »Safety and Security – still a challenge for small and medium sized projects?!«. Whereas large companies, e.g. in the transportation or medical sector usually have internal expert teams, the design and development of safe applications for smaller companies remains a huge challenge, both technical and organizational.

It typically starts with the fundamental question – which safety standard is relevant for my project? And continues with complex decisions like the selection of the appropriate hardware, libraries, RTOS and tools. Is a safety ready chip sufficient or do we need a certified hardware? Which toolchain, which operating system is the right choice? Which additional tools are required?

Once these questions are answered, the real work starts. How can we build the safety case? What needs to be considered when designing a safe hardware and a safe software architecture? How do we qualify our solution? And what needs to be documented?

Together with the experts Prof. Dr. Peter Fromm will discuss these questions and will try to elaborate a path towards a safety case for small and medium sized projects.

Panel of  experts: Safe for the Future

Tuesday 2 March, 15:30 
Reinhard KeilSenior Director of Embedded Tools, ARM
Jörg StenderManaging Director, Hitex
Alessandro BastoniSystem Architect/Functional Safety Expert, STMicroelectronics
Prof. Dr. Peter FrommMaster Course Director, Representative for the Cooperative Study (Beauftragter für das Kooperative Studium) / KoSE


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