Embedded Security

Robust End-to-End Embedded Security Solution

15. März 2023, 6:00 Uhr | Harry Schubert
Ende-zu-Ende-Sicherheit für Embedded Systeme

With IAR Embedded Trust, customers can easily solve their security problems, uniquely provision devices, and protect from threats at all stages of a product's lifecycle.

With th launch of Embedded Trust, IAR announce the most robust end-to-end security workflow in the embedded industry. Embedded Trust protects customers’ data and devices through 4 A’s:

  • Anti-cloning – introduces the concept of unique identification for software applications and device hardware, which prevents counterfeits and over-production in manufacturing.
  • Active IP protection – with its secure key management ensures applications only run on authorized devices and only after a successful Secure Boot process.
  • Anti-rollback – includes software update processes and checks that are in place to protect against roll-back attacks and versioning exploits.
  • Authentication – with a cryptographic assurance of a device's identity, its protected data and secrets, and running of only genuine firmware and updates, all based on a trust anchor established in every device which cannot be undermined.

This means customers can design security from the beginning of their product development through to volume manufacturing with unique device provisioning.

IAR Embedded Trust is a device-agnostic security solution that allows customers to easily port their current design to a new microcontroller. This helps to shorten development time, as does the reuse of code without starting from scratch while adding powerful security features to the application.

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