Indoor Drone ROBi

Quadrocopter with Customized Electronic Assemblies

28. Oktober 2019, 08:48 Uhr   |  Anja Zierler

Quadrocopter with Customized Electronic Assemblies
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ROBi is equipped with a high speed RGB camera with a resolution of 12 MPixel.

The example of the German drone manufacturer U-ROB shows how dependent unmanned flying - especially in closed rooms - is on high-quality and functioning circuit boards, components and pilot points.

"Many unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) are equipped with standard components. But flying in enclosed spaces also requires good communication and navigation transmission as well as powerful, dimmable, small headlights," explains Jörg Nolte, Product Manager Soldering Tools, Rework and Inspection Systems at Ersa. Drone control and communication in rooms can be severely restricted by the environment.

The German drone manufacturer U-ROB has developed the drone ROBi for these industrial applications and launched it on the market in 2019. "This involves applications such as the inspection of pipelines and combustion chambers in power plants, the inspection of chimneys and the interior of bridge structures as well as the inspection of tanks and sewage pipes," explains Joseph Metz, founder and Managing Director of U-ROB.

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