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Production of gallium arsenide power semiconductors started

24. April 2018, 9:59 Uhr | Elektronik
Die GaAs-Wafer werden bei 35PE im Hochvakuum veredelt.
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3-5 Power Electronics 35PE specializes in the development and manufacture of GaAs power semiconductors. The company has now put its first production plant into operation in the Dresden Technology Center.

In the new plant, 35PE GaAs wafers are processed in high vacuum to GaAs power semiconductor components. With this innovation, the company has created a unique position for itself. Currently, twelve patents for process technology, material and component designs are registered in Europe, China, Japan and the USA.

"Silicon-based elements are used in many applications today. However, these do not achieve the performance capabilities that will be needed in the future, for example, for the implementation of technologies suitable for industry 4.0 or for the breakthrough of electromobility. With our gallium arsenide structures we offer the required power density, efficiency and reliability in a very compact system," explained by the two managing directors Dr. Gerhard Bolenz and Dr. Volker Dudek, who founded 35PE together with Richard J. Kulle. All three managers have decades of experience in the international semiconductor industry.

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Core processes take place in-house

Working according to the Fab-Lite business model, i.e. 35PE implements the core processes in-house and assigns standard services to contract manufacturers. The resulting GaAs diodes meet the requirements placed on power electronics in modern industrial applications, in renewable ener

gy generation and in all-electric and hybrid vehicles.In the medium and high voltage range between 600 and 1700 V, they complement power electronics based on Si or SiC. The GaAs semiconductor devices also score with higher energy efficiency, lower weight, smaller size and lower overall co

sts in relation to the respective overall system.In addition to its own sales activities in Europe and America, 35PE aims to achieve rapid market entry in Asia through an international network with strategic partners in China and Japan. The company currently employs six people and plans to grow to more than 20 over the next three years.


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