Powerful protection for the Internet of Things

11. April 2018, 14:50 Uhr | Harry Schubert
Photo of the OPTIGA Trust X chip from Infineoan.
Hardware-based security solution OPTIGA Trust X.
© Infineon Technologies AG

The hardware-based security solution OPTIGA Trust X from Infineon Technologies provides robust security to the diverse applications in the Internet of Things, ranging from smart homes to drones.

Smart industrial robots, refrigerators and washing machines already communicate with each other. Yet devices that are online can be attacked. The new security solution OPTIGA Trust X from Infineon covers a broad range of applications: mutual authentication, secured communication, data storage protection, assignment of keys, lifecycle management, power management, secured updates and integrity protection for the platform.

The solution comprises the chip, the operating system, the applications, software and device drivers, and an evaluation kit. The OPTIGA Trust X can be used in temperatures from –25 °C to +85 °C and in an extended range from –40 °C to +105 °C. It is therefore also suitable for deployment in harsh industrial environments.

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Secured smart city with intelligent streetlights

The developers of intelligent streetlights at eluminocity use OPTIGA Trust X to protect the streetlights against unauthorized access – from the cloud down to device level. In cooperation with Infineon and Intel, eluminocity has transformed a simple streetlight into a versatile hub. It’s already being used at the Hong Kong Science Park, where it offers flexible street lighting, a charging station for electric cars, and air measurement sensors.

First drone with hardware-based security

Emergency service workers often only have sparse information when they reach the scene of an accident. In the ‘Digital Product School’ conducted by UnternehmerTUM in Garching/Germany, employees from Infineon, Nokia and TÜV Süd have together with students jointly developed the first drone with hardware-based security. Its aim is to provide emergency services with reliable information before they arrive. Here too, sensitive data must be protected, the control unit must be authenticated reliably and attacks be repelled. The developers are using the OPTIGA Trust X to achieve that – it delivers efficient protection against attackers and serves as a trust anchor.

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