Automotive Ethernet Congress 2021

Powerful In-Vehicle Network for the Future Vehicle

2. Dezember 2020, 16:02 Uhr | Stefanie Eckardt
Am 12./13. Februar 2020 fand im Westin Grand München der sechste Automotive Ethernet Congress statt.
On February 12-13, 2020, the sixth Automotive Ethernet Congress took place at the Westin Grand Munich. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the next conference in February 2021 will be virtual.
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For the seventh time, the Automotive Ethernet Congress will take place in February 2021 - but in virtual form due to the corona pandemic. From February 9 to 11, 2021, the event will discuss the entire range of topics relating to the use of Ethernet in vehicles.

The automotive industry is currently facing considerable challenges. The trend towards connected, automated and electric vehicles not only affects the need to implement technologies as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, but also the E/E architecture and thus the in-vehicle network (IVN). The demand for higher bandwidth, lower latency or better determinism is increasing. This requires powerful IVN-technologies. Automotive Ethernet is the technology with the greatest potential. But potential is one thing - the other is the question of whether Ethernet is also the right technology to meet the needs of the automotive industry; whether just one technology is sufficient to cover the IVN or if a diverse technology potpourri does not have its raison d'être. Dr. Kirsten Matheus, BMW, will discuss this issue in her keynote »Automotive Ethernet Beyond Speed«.

Dr. Matheus' keynote will mark the start of three exciting days, during which all interested parties will be able to inform themselves in 19 presentations about current and future technology and product developments of Automotive Ethernet and the networked vehicle, and also learn about new fields of application and use scenarios. The seventh Automotive Ethernet Congress also offers the virtual opportunity to share, discuss and ultimately adapt new ideas and solutions for the implementation and use of Ethernet in vehicles for your own projects. Thanks to the innovative virtual event platform, participants will not only have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other, but also to make new contacts and gather additional information in the exhibition.

The detailed program with the main topics architecture and network, safety, security and robustness, PHY and switch as well as test and validation and the possibility to register can be found here.

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