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Percepio and Lauterbach cooperate

13. April 2021, 09:00 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

Percepio and Lauterbach cooperate
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Debugging code is part of a developer's daily business. For this, they can rely on a whole range of tools. From now on, however, they no longer have to choose between Lauterbach and Percepio.

The two debugging specialists Percepio and Lauterbach are working together with immediate effect. The goal is accelerated debugging as a result of an integration between Percepio Tracealyzer and the tools of the Trace32 series from Lauterbach.

First outcome: From now on, developers using Lauterbach trace tools for debugging Arm Cortex M microprocessors can live stream software trace data to Tracealyzer. This enables visual trace diagnostics with fast debugging and verification workflows. Percepio's trace recorder library, which supports FreeRTOS as well as SafeRTOS, among others, is used for this purpose.

Users can use the new functions to detect even hard-to-find bugs and defects such as race conditions or sporadic timing problems more quickly. Tracealyzer users also have the opportunity to record runtime data at higher speed with the "µTrace for Arm Cortex-M" tool from Lauterbach.

The next step for the cooperation partners is to use hardware trace data in Tracealyzer to output more detailed information. A working application is currently being developed for this purpose. The aim is to enable all Lauterbach customers to use visual trace diagnostics with Tracealyzer on the basis of hardware trace data. Both companies already have joint customers who are asking for such functions. The partners plan to announce further products in the second half of 2021.

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