On the Way to Fully Electric Aircraft

Partnership Between Ansys and Air Race E

06. August 2020, 15:28 Uhr   |  Kathrin Veigel

Partnership Between Ansys and Air Race E
© Air Race E

With their cooperation, Ansys and Air Race E want to be pioneers for next generation electric aircraft and sustainable aviation.

Ansys simulation solutions help engineering teams develop cleaner, faster and more advanced electric aircraft. In doing so, they want to pave the way for more sustainable aviation.

In a partnership with Air Race E, Ansys' simulation solutions are expected to accelerate the design of all-electric racing aircraft that will participate in the 2021 Air Race E World Championship. The World Championship is a series of international flying competitions designed to drive future technological developments for more sustainable aviation.

Flying demanding curves at speeds of up to 400 km/h on a narrow oval race track presents electric aircraft with major technical challenges. The power electronics and the battery management system must be able to safely and optimally manage the rapid discharge of the battery during a race. This causes engineers considerable problems with thermal management and requires a comprehensive revision of the external and internal aerodynamic and aerothermal configuration. In addition, the electric powertrain must be integrated and optimized for the stresses and strains of the race.

Ansys solutions enable engineering teams to improve batteries and battery management systems to deliver more power at less weight and to design small electrical machines that are reliable and efficient. They can also design electric powertrains with power electronics to address thermal and high-voltage issues and perform secure system-wide integration. Air Race E serves as a test environment for the further development and introduction of these clean technologies in urban air mobility and commercial aircraft.

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