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Over-the-Air Activation of Mobile Phone Contracts

G+D Mobile Security hat die eSIM-Technologie in das »Galaxy Z Flip« von Samsung integriert.
G+D Mobile Security has integrated the eSIM technology into the "Galaxy Z Flip" from Samsung.
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The eSIM technology in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes from G+D Mobile Security and simplifies "over-the-air" activation of mobile phone contracts.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with an eUICC (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) from G+D Mobile Security, which is permanently installed in the smartphone. It also works with the eOS (embedded Operating System) from G+D Mobile Security. Users can download their SIM profiles to this chip securely and easily "over-the-air", making the familiar process of inserting a physical SIM card into the smartphone a thing of the past.

The eSIM technology makes it easier for users to activate their mobile phone contracts "over the air" by eliminating the need to order SIM cards at the start of a contract or when changing providers. As a result, different SIM formats no longer pose a problem. Users can simply activate a local mobile phone provider of their choice.

The eUICC embedded in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip uses the market-leading eOS operating system from G+D Mobile Security, which meets all current GSMA requirements for consumer device interoperability. It is the most widely used and deployed operating system for eSIM activation.

"Following the successful cooperation on the Samsung smart watches, we are pleased that our innovative eSIM technology has also been integrated into the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip," says Carsten Ahrens, CEO of G+D Mobile Security. "The fact that smartphone market leaders are choosing to integrate eSIM technology into their latest devices is a sure sign that we are on the verge of eSIM breaking through into mainstream products".

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with eSIM technology from G+D Mobile Security will be available in February 2020. eSIM availability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may vary by region and provider.

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