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NXP opens GaN factory in Arizona

01. Oktober 2020, 09:26 Uhr   |  WEKA Newsdesk, UH

NXP opens GaN factory in Arizona

In Chandler, Arizona, NXP's production and development teams will work together to bring innovative wireless products to market faster.

The new high volume manufacturing facility is the most advanced GaN factory for RF components in the US. With the new 150 mm production site, NXP aims to become a leader in the expansion of the 5G infrastructure. As an R&D hub, the modern factory is designed to bring innovations to market faster.

The new factory was opened September 29 in Chandler, Arizona, US with a presence of Arizona politicians, U.S. federal representatives and Dutch envoys. NXP intends to use the new mass-production facility to underscore its leadership in high-frequency applications. The company intends to provide massive support for the expansion of 5G base stations and a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure for industrial, aerospace and military applications.

Kurt Sievers, CEO of NXP, emphasized in his opening speech the importance of GaN for the mobile market and 5G in particular. He said, the new factory is a crucial milestone for the company.

Gallium Nitride: The new quality standard for 5G

With 5G, the RF solutions required per antenna increase exponentially, but the package and power consumption should remain stable or decrease. GaN power transistors have emerged as a new standard in recent years to meet both requirements - they significantly improve both power density and efficiency.

NXP intends to use its 20 years of experience in GaN development and extensive wireless expertise to drive 5G expansion at its new American site. The company says that its latest GaN technology catches significantly more electrons to achieve high efficiency and maximum gain with excellent linearity. The focus will be on GaN component supply for existing NXP customers. Only in March, competitor Ericcson commissioned a new factory for 5G macro cells and base stations in Texas.

6G expansion already in planning

With the new location, NXP wants to state a clear commitment to the mobile communications market and the large-scale expansion of the communications infrastructure. The new GaN factory is therefore already designed for the 6G standard and can be scaled to it at any time.

The factory is intended to serve as an innovation hub for the semiconductor company and facilitate cooperation between production and development at the Chandler site. NXP's engineers will be able to develop, validate and protect GaN innovations more quickly and bring new products to market faster.

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