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Cooperation Between Porsche and iMaker

Next Step in Building a Digital Ecosystem

Porsche iMaker virtueller Influencer
She looks like a human, but is completely computer generated: Ayayi, the virtual influencer designed by iMaker and its partners.
© Porsche

Porsche Ventures has made a strategic investment outside the automotive industry. With its investment in iMaker, the sports car manufacturer underscores its strategic objective of continuously investing in new application scenarios for digital content.

Porsche Ventures and iMaker, a virtual influencer and digital ecosystem provider in China, have been working together since 2020. Together, they want to build a new digital ecosystem that will expand and improve customers' digital experience in the car.

Specifically, new digital content and technologies for in-car applications are being developed. The focus is particularly on communication and exchange with younger generations, with a targeted focus on digital content and virtual influencers.

Virtual influencers are computer-generated personalities and avatars designed using innovative animation technology. They have realistic facial expressions and body movements and closely resemble humans. In Asia, virtual influencers are increasingly used in the music industry, at live events, on social media platforms and in corporate communications.

With its investment in iMaker, Porsche is further expanding its portfolio of digital products as well as services and accelerating the company's digital transformation. In the future, Porsche will also cooperate with iMaker in the area of digital application scenarios and ecosystems: The vehicle is to become an important part of digital life and entertainment - offering customers a convenient, seamless and compelling experience.

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