Next big step for the launch of Rhea

12. März 2021, 07:54 Uhr   |  Iris Stroh

Next big step for the launch of Rhea
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SiPearl, the company that is designing the high-performance, low-power microprocessor for the European exascale supercomputer, has just passed a key milestone for the launch of Rhea, its first generation of products, in 2022.

While Rhea’s design is progressing well and on track, SiPearl is moving into an accelerated simulation phase on the hardware emulation platform developed by Siemens. SiPearl selected this innovative, state-of-the-art solution after an extensive evaluation because it offers a comprehensive and flexible high-speed, high-capacity verification environment. This enables SiPearl to accelerate the pre-silicon functional verification process in a virtual environment thus validating Rhea’s capabilities before it moves into production. Siemens’ Veloce Strato emulation platform has capacity scaling up to 15B Gate; and with fast compilation, full design visibility, low cost of ownership, it is overwhelmingly the solution of choice for many semiconductor companies, including SiPearl, to verify the largest and most advanced chip designs.

SiPearl will then open up possibilities for its future clients to access the platform to carry out multiscale performance tests with Rhea for their applications in diverse fields, from fluid dynamics to climatology (global warming), medical research (covid-19), geo-sciences (geology, earthquakes) and artificial intelligence.

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