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New Solutions for Industrial Data Analytics

5. Mai 2022, 17:46 Uhr | Andreas Knoll
Hans Thalbauer, Managing Director Supply Chain and Manufacturing Industries bei Google Cloud
Hans Thalbauer, Google Cloud: “Bridging gaps across systems and placing easy-to-use AI directly into the hands of manufacturing engineers leads to better results.”
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Google Cloud has unveiled two new data analytics solutions that enable industrial companies to connect previously isolated assets, process and standardize data, and improve visibility from the factory floor to the cloud.

- Google Cloud Launches New Solutions to Help Manufacturers Unify Their Data and Address Industry-Specific Use Cases

- Ford, Kyocera, and Phononic among early customers to enhance data transparency and optimize production with new manufacturing-specific solutions

- Cognizant, C3 AI, GFT, Intel, Litmus, Quantiphi, SoftServe, Sotec, Splunk, among partners supporting the new solutions

Once data is harmonized, the “Manufacturing Data Engine” and “Manufacturing Connect” called solutions enable three critical AI- and analytics-based use cases – manufacturing analytics & insights, predictive maintenance, and machine-level anomaly detection.

The industry's digital transformation is currently accelerating due to increasing customer expectations, supply chain fluctuations, changing buyer behavior and many other factors. Yet, according to a fall 2020 survey by Gartner, only 21 percent of manufacturers are actively using AI in manufacturing to address these challenges. While data from disparate systems can be manually prepared for AI and analytics pilots, siloed data sets still need to be accessible centrally and in real-time to support production scale. Additionally, many existing AI and analytics solutions are designed to be used by data scientists and are not easy to use for manufacturing business leaders.

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The two solutions in detail

Die Funktionen der beiden neuen Datenanalyse-Lösungen „Manufacturing Data Engine“ und „Manufacturing Connect“ der Google Cloud
The functions of the two new data analysis solutions "Manufacturing Data Engine" and "Manufacturing Connect" from Google Cloud
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Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect, available now, help manufacturers unify their data and empower their workforce with easy-to-use analytics and AI solutions based on cloud infrastructure:

- Manufacturing Data Engine is an end-to-end solution that processes, contextualizes, and stores factory data on Google Cloud’s data platform. It provides a configurable and customizable blueprint for the ingestion, transformation, storage, and access to factory data. It integrates key Google Cloud products, including Cloud Dataflow, PubSub, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Looker, Vertex AI, Apigee, and more, into a manufacturing-specific solution.

- Manufacturing Connect is a factory edge platform co-developed with Litmus Automation that quickly connects to, and streams data from, nearly any manufacturing asset and industrial system to Google Cloud, based on an extensive library of more than 250 machine protocols. Deep integration with the Manufacturing Data Engine unlocks rapid data intake into Google Cloud for processing machine and sensor data. The ability to deploy containerized applications and ML models to the edge enables new dimensions of use cases.

Use of data for numerous applications

Once data is centralized and harmonized by the Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect, it can then be used to address a growing set of industry-specific use cases, including:

- Manufacturing analytics & insights, which helps manufacturers quickly create custom dashboards to visualize key data - from factory KPIs such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), to individual machine sensor data. Integrated with the Manufacturing Data Engine, engineers and plant managers can automatically set up new machines and factories, enabling standardized dashboards, KPIs, and on-demand drill-downs into the data to uncover new insights opportunities throughout the factory. These can then be shared easily across the enterprise and with partners.

- Machine-level anomaly detection, which helps manufacturers identify anomalies as they occur and provides alerts—leveraging Google Cloud’s Time Series Insights API - on real-time machine and sensor data such as noise, vibration, or temperature.

- Predictive maintenance, which enables manufacturers to anticipate an asset’s need for service, helping reduce downtime and maintenance cost. Manufacturers can leverage Machine Learning models and high-accuracy AI optimizations that are deployable in weeks.

Presentation at the Hanover Fair

The new solutions for manufacturing will be presented live for the first time at Hannover Messe 2022 from May 30 to June 2 in Hall 4 at Booth E68. More information can be found at

“Bridging gaps across systems and placing easy-to-use AI directly into the hands of manufacturing engineers leads to better results,” said Hans Thalbauer, Managing Director, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Industries, Google Cloud. “These new solutions can support workforce transformation initiatives by providing engineers with the tools to be self-sufficient, without the need for data scientists or additional integration code.”

“The growing amount of sensor data generated on our assembly lines creates an opportunity for smarter analytics around product quality, production efficiency and equipment health monitoring, but it also means new data intake and management challenges,” said Jason Ryska, Director Manufacturing Technology Development, Ford Motor Company. “We worked with Google Cloud to implement a data platform now operating on more than 100 key machines connected across two plants, streaming and storing over 25 million records per week. We’re gaining strong insights from the data that will help us implement predictive and preventive actions and continue to become even more efficient in our manufacturing plants.”

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