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New OEM-driven Technical Committee established

04. Juni 2021, 10:06 Uhr   |  Ingo Kuss

New OEM-driven Technical Committee established

A new working group for test specifications, further collaborations and increasing membership numbers: A lot has happened at the Automotive SerDes Alliance.

Since the Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) was founded around two years ago, the number of members has risen from five to 73. Several automotive OEMs, Tier1s as well as other companies from the automotive industry are participating in the goal of developing standardized Automotive SerDes solutions. ASA has already completed the "ASA Motion Link Specification 1.0" in December 2020.

In addition, VESA and ASA have signed a liaison agreement in which VESA has agreed to provide ASA with access to eDP/DP standards for the potential development of eDP/DP Adaptation Layer for ASA's SerDes interface, ASA Motion Link. This collaboration is specifically intended to ensure a smooth translation into displays protocols. The leading Japanese standardization organization for Automotive Software Platform and Architecture, JASPAR, has also agreed to work with ASA to further further expand ASA’s standard for automotive car makers and suppliers worldwide. 

Recent developments at ASA include the establishment of a new Technical Committee (TC E ) tasked with defining a test specification for ASA communication channel and components as well as EMC requirements and test methodologies for ASA Motion Link PHYs. With Jamila Borda (BMW) as Chair and Ajeya Gupta (Ford) as Vice-Chair, the TC is strongly OEM-driven, which emphasizes the relevance of this topic.

ASA will also participate in the Automotive SerDes Conference in October 2021. The call for papers for the virtual event is open until June 18. Proposals can be submitted online via this link.  

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