Wind River overtakes Microsoft

New Number 1 for Edge Computing OS Platforms

22. Juli 2020, 13:37 Uhr   |  Kathrin Veigel

New Number 1 for Edge Computing OS Platforms
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The Edge Computing Operating Systems division is now headed by Wind River.

VDC Research has ranked Wind River as the market leader for real-time operating system and commercial embedded Linux as well as for the overall Edge Compute OS.

According to the current market analysis »The Global Market for IoT & Embedded Operating Systems« by VDC Research, Wind River has for the first time replaced Microsoft as the market leader for the entire field of edge computing operating systems.

In addition, VDC Research classifies Wind River as the market leader in the following categories:

  • Total turnover in the field of IoT and Embedded OS
  • Sales for commercial embedded Linux worldwide
  • Worldwide sales for RTOS (real-time operating system)

The report assesses the global market for IoT and embedded operating systems and related services by operating system type, geographic region and vertical markets. As more and more industries increasingly adopt cloud-native architectures and applications, and as vast amounts of data and information continue to flow through the network perimeter, the role of embedded systems and devices will continue to grow in importance, the experts believe.

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