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New law for E-Charging stations

1. April 2019, 17:01 Uhr | Nicole Wörner
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1st April 2019 marks the beginning of a new era for the e-mobility industry. At this time, the legal transition periods for E-charging stations will end. An overview of the changes.

With immediate effect, all new installations, for which payment is made with a subsequent invoice, must have a measuring instrument approved by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). Already installed charging stations must be retrofitted as soon as possible. In future, the measuring device will record where, when and by whom a tank was filled.

In addition, the new legal calibration regulations stipulate how the billing process must be structured as a whole - from measurement to data transmission to invoice verification. This should make e-fuelling more transparent for customers.

As of 1st April, the specifications for DC charging technology will also be tightened: billing on DC charging stations with AC meters is finally prohibited.

»These new rules are an important base for a forward-looking e-charging infrastructure,« emphasized Peter Heuell, Managing Director of EMH metering GmbH. "The suppliers, on the other hand, are facing a feat of strength due to the new specifications. They now have to modify their charging stations and obtain approval for the overall concept.«


...From now on, the supply of electricity must always take place via the kWh. A billing mode without information about kWh, as is currently still possible with »pay-per-use«, can no longer be used as a loophole. »Who does not want to give away the current or offer it by flat rate, has now no more choice anymore«, supplements Heuell. »He must now be able to ensure and, in case of doubt, prove that his charging station complies with the legal calibration regulations.«

A measuring solution approved by calibration law is already available on the market: The EMH metering E-Mobility meter has been approved by the PTB and enables a legally compliant AC charging infrastructure. This solution can be linked with a special test software - also known as transparency software. This allows the customer to conveniently read off where, when and how much he has refueled, anywhere and at any time. In addition, he can immediately recognize possible deviations.

There is a high pressure to act…

…also for DC rapid-charging. Previously, it was permitted to use an AC counter for DC charging if a flat-rate discount of 20 % was subtracted from the measured value. This exception now ends. The Swiss manufacturer LEM was the first company to obtain the German type examination certificate for the EM4TII direct current meter from EMH metering.


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