On Our Own Behalf Mourning for Alfred Goldbacher

Elektronik-Redakteur Alfred Goldbacher
Elektronik-Redakteur Alfred Goldbacher

On September 26, 2018, our colleague Alfred Goldbacher left us suddenly and unexpectedly for good.

In 1991, he moved from Siemens to the editorial department of Electronik and from then on continuously worked in our team. In his responsibility for distribution, passive components, electromechanics, printed circuit board design, and electronics production, he mastered an enormous workload. Through his diverse contacts to authors, press representatives and engineers in the industry, he had built up an extensive network of contacts.

In addition, over the years he trained as a naturopath and worked part-time. He also passed on his experience to the next generation of naturopaths. Nevertheless, he always offered his help whenever there was a bottleneck in the editorial staff.

Now he has been torn out of life completely unexpectedly. His empty seat leaves a large gap. But above all his unagitated mind, his positive charisma and his friendly nature are irreplaceable. With him we have not only lost a colleague, but a person who has enriched us.