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Mornsun Power at embedded world for the first time

12. April 2018, 15:13 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Mornsun booth at Embedded World.
Mornsun booth at Embedded World.
© Uwe Niklas

It was only in autumn 2017 that the Chinese power supply manufacturer Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology and SE Spezial-Electronic announced their joint venture Mornsun Power GmbH based in Ismaning near Munich.

Mornsun Power acts as the official Mornsun representative for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is exhibiting at embedded world for the first time. Among the current products being presented by Mornsun are the 10 and 20 W AC/DC converter families LD10-26Bxx and LD20-26Bxx.

One feature of these converters is their particularly wide input voltage range of 90 to 528VAC or 100 to 745VDC. They are suitable for operation at all voltages which can be run on a 230/400 V three-phase alternating current network, in other words, at the star point voltage between phase conductors L1, L2 or L3 and neutral, at the output voltage of a three-phase half-wave rectifier or at the Output voltage of a three-phase full wave rectifier.

Quarter-Bricks with variable voltage

The new quarter-brick DC/DC converter series URF24xxQB-100W (F/H) R3 from Mornsun has a 4:1 wide-range input for 9 to 36 V. Power supplies with optional heat sink, cooling plate or without additional cooling equipment are offered in 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V or 48V output voltage.

By means of an external resistor the output voltage can be trimmed by ±10%. The isolation voltage of the transducers (without heat sink or plate 61.8mm × 40.2mm × 12.7mm in size) is given as 2.250VDC. The alignment and size of the eight connection pins conform to the Quarter Brick specifications of the Distributed Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA).

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