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More Precise Condition Monitoring Through Web-Based Visualization

26. Juni 2018, 08:00 Uhr   |  Markus Haller

More Precise Condition Monitoring Through Web-Based Visualization
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Cell voltage monitoring system with web-based visualization.

Smart Testsolutions extends its voltage monitoring for batteries and fuel cells with a web-based user interface. A faster visualization of the measured values allows deeper insights into the state of the cells.

Batteries and fuel cells consist of several hundred interconnected cells. Measuring modules for voltage monitoring – Cell Voltage Monitoring (CVM) – scan a corresponding number of channels in parallel and at a high measuring rate. In the case of the Smart Testsolutions product family »MCM-IntelliProbe« there are about 400 channels with 1 kHz each. The models are designed for test bench for measurements during the development process.

Classical test bench software transmits the high data volume with a certain latency, which can lead to fast events in a cell being detected by the sensors, but being lost in downstream data processing and visualization. According to the manufacturer, more precise condition monitoring is possible through faster data transfer during visualization via a web-based user interface.

Visualize Data Faster

A web socket connection has been set up between the CVM system and the display (PC, tablet, smartphone) for a continuous and latency-free data stream of the measured values. The status of each cell of a complete fuel cell network can thus be logged and monitored more precisely.

For the visualization only a terminal device with a browser is required. The CVM software runs on the CMV fiber module, which can also transmit the data by radio. A test drive can then simply be carried out with a tablet without a wired laptop.

The switch to web technology should not be limited to one product family. Managing Director Wolfgang Neu announced that all test systems of the Stuttgart-based measurement technology provider will be equipped with it in the future.

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