More power, better efficiency, more functions

12. August 2020, 16:44 Uhr   |  EA Elektro-Automatik

More power, better efficiency, more functions
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The product range from EA Elektro-Automatik covers the complete area of programmable power electronics

Whether source, sink or bidirectional premium device – EA Elektro-Automatik offers customers an innovative and complete assortment in the area of programmable power electronics.

30 kW bidirectional performance with up to 97 per cent power feedback from just 4HE - the EA PSB 10000 laboratory power supply offers users the highest performance range currently on the market. In parallel operation the machines can even achieve a power of 1,92 kW. The bidirectional solutions can selectively operate as source or sink. A further advantage is environmental protection through releasing less heat. For harsh industrial settings EA offers a product variant with hermetic water cooling and a sealed housing that gives protection against dust, fluids, and other foreign materials.

Bidirectional world premiere – the EA PS 9000 3U 1PH

With the EA PS 9000 3U 1PH the product range is enhanced by a world premiere: The bidirectional premium device is the first solution on the market that can run from a single phase 16A socket. Thus, low load applications of up to 750vDC, 120A and 2,5kW can be performed in a flexible and economic way.

Laboratory power supply of the latest generation – the EA PSI 10000

The EA PSI 10000 also offers users up to 30kW power from just 4HE, with parallel operation of multiple devices enabling extension up to 1,92kW. This modern laboratory power supply is fully controllable and programmable, supporting maximum user comfort. The autoranging function offers the user the ability to supply several components with different operating voltages from one single device.

EA ELR 10000 – Efficient electronic loads series

The EA ELR 10000 is a modern series of regenerative electronic loads which can feed back to the mains 97 per cent of the input power of up to 30 kW. The input power of these 4HE space saving devices can be extended by parallel connection up to 1,92 kW. The regenerative function gives the same environmental and cost advantages as the EA PS 10000.

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