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ModusToolbox 3.0 supports simultaneous debug

7. Oktober 2022, 9:19 Uhr | Iris Stroh
Neue ModusToolbox 3.0 von Infineon Technologies
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As multicore devices become prevalent in the embedded microcontroller space, system designers face increasingly complex challenges in software development. ModusToolbox 3.0 helps to accelerate time-to-market and simplify overall design.

Infineon Technologies announced the release of ModusToolbox 3.0 – an improved development platform with enhanced support for multi-core project workflow. The release features dual-core device support, a new graphical tool for customer board support package (BSP) development, infrastructure support for ModusToolbox Packs and backend system improvements.

Infineon’s ModusToolbox 3.0 reduces overall development challenges for designers by enabling project creation and management for dual-core applications, with specific support for simultaneous debugging of both cores. This was previously not available in the Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox development platform, and unlocks the potential available on dual-core devices such as Infineon’s PSoC 6. The new feature also establishes a development framework for future Infineon multi-core devices.

ModusToolbox 3.0 delivers a unique developer experience, and aims to provide support for a variety of use cases including consumer IoT, industrial, smart home, wearable and many other applications. Features in ModusToolbox 3.0 are compatible for embedded application development with Infineon’s product solutions including PSoC 4, PSoC 6, XMC, AIROC Wi-Fi, AIROC Bluetooth, and EZ-PD PMG1 microcontrollers.


The ModusToolbox tool package can be downloaded from the Infineon Developer Center. This installation tool package is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Installation steps are detailed in the ModusToolbox Installation Guide. The latest releases of the ModusToolbox run-time software are accessible directly from the installed development tools.

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