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5. April 2018, 9:25 Uhr | Manne Kreuzer
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MSC chooses COM Express type 7 form factor for its C7B-DV CPU module.

Three new embedded modules come at once from MSC Technologies on the Avnet Integrated Solutions stand. MSC is the name presented by Avnet for technology, design, and manufacturing.

“We‘re pooling our strengths and resources, and intend to cooperate more closely“, states Jens Plachetka, manager of the product business unit board platforms of MSC Technologies. “In that way we can optimize our solid technical expertise, and broad-based support to deliver customers complete embedded and HMI solutions.“

With that aim MSC starts by expanding its SMARC 2.0 product portfolio by two new suites. The MSC SM2S-ZUSP module is based on the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC from Xilinx, supporting FGPA complexity with up to 256 k logic cells. A modular approach plus programming of processor and FPGA offer the customer a very high degree of flexibility together with scalability, optimizing time to market of the end-product. The new MSC SM2S-IMX8M module integrates the latest 64-bit dual-core and quad-core processor i.MX8M (ARM Cortex-A53) from NXP.

The powerful board also shows by power consumption of just 3 to 6 W. Third new board is the MSC C7B-DV COM-Express type 7 module family based on the Intel server processor of the Atom C3000 series (Denverton). The board offers scalable computing power, and network options for implementation in energy-efficient server platforms. Producing large network bandwidth there are as many as five Ethernet interfaces, four with 10 Gbit/s and one of 1 Gbit/s transfer rate. Up to 22 PCI Express lanes enable flexible system add-ons including fast flash memory. The embedded modules are developed and manufactured in Germany by MSC.

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