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Modularity is the key

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Profile: Carel Industries

Carel Industries, based in Brugine, Italy, produces industrial controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Founded in 1973, the company now has nine production sites worldwide and generated sales of 331.6 million euros in 2020. Carel develops and manufactures its own electronic circuits, including firmware and software, and operates SMT/PTH production lines in Italy, Croatia, China, USA and Brazil. More than 50 employees at Carel develop programmable controllers based mainly on 32-bit microcontrollers of the Renesas RX and STM32 product families.

Initially, Carel developed and maintained its own monolithic embedded firmware, which was used for over 20 years. Then in 2011, the company switched to an embedded OS, embOS from Segger, which is part of the current emPower OS operating system package.

  1. Modularity is the key
  2. Profile: Carel Industries

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