microLEDs for AR Products

7. Oktober 2022, 9:07 Uhr | Heinz Arnold
Americo Lemos, CEO of IQE
Americo Lemos, CEO of IQE: "microLEDs are the future of immersive display technologies and compound semiconductors are the prerequisite for being able to produce microLEDs in high volumes at affordable costs." 

IQE and MICLEDI Microdisplays will jointly drive the commercialization of microLEDs for use in AR products. 

MICLEDI is a fabless semiconductor design and technology company that develops microLED displays, focusing primarily on augmented reality (AR) products. IQE, a manufacturer of compound semiconductor wafers, is providing MICLEDI with a 200-mm wafer platform to scale and commercialize the technology, enabling volume production of red microLEDs. This is because now, for the first time, microLEDs can be manufactured on large wafers with a diameter of 200 mm. This is the prerequisite for being able to produce them in large silicon fabs on standard state-of-the-art machines. This not only increases the number of microLEDs that can be produced per wafer. Above all, the way is now open to produce them both in high quality and in high volumes using the latest process technologies. In the future, IQE says it will even be possible to produce the microLEDs on 300-mm wafers. 

"microLEDs are the future of immersive display technologies. Our agreement strengthens IQE's position in a market that will quickly grow to billions of dollars in sales, as microLEDs will be used in many devices across a variety of sectors, including everyday consumer electronics," said Americo Lemos, chief executive officer of IQE. "Compound semiconductors are a prerequisite for being able to produce microLEDs in high volumes at an affordable cost." 

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Sean Lord, Chief Executive Officer of MICLEDI, is convinced that the combination of their own microLED arrays and IQE's 8-inch platform will enable manufacturers to develop AR products that are different from those of their competitors and bring new user experiences to users: "The prerequisite for this is created by the technology we provide as part of our partnership," says Sean Lord.

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