Wireless charging of e-vehicles

Mahle and Siemens drive standardization forward

11. August 2022, 9:30 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Mahle und Siemens arbeiten künftig gemeinsam an kabellosen Ladesystemen
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Mahle and Siemens are collaborating in the field of wireless charging systems for e-vehicles. The two companies intend to jointly develop and test the overall system comprising infrastructure and vehicle technology. The focus is on advancing technological standards for inductive charging.

Mahle has already stepped up its development activities in the field of wireless charging in recent years. This includes two projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK): One project is aimed at developing an inductive charging system across vehicle manufacturers. In the second project, a standardized measurement procedure for the electromagnetic compatibility of inductive systems is being developed in particular.

The technology group is already on the market with its wired infrastructure solution chargeBIG - an intelligent charging management system that can be integrated into the existing infrastructure cost-effectively and without lengthy conversions. The system is aimed at areas where e-cars are parked for longer periods - for example in company parking garages, at airports or in underground garages of large residential complexes.

»We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in Siemens to powerfully advance inductive charging. The combined experience of both companies gives us a clear competitive advantage,« says Dr. Harald Straky, vice president for global development in mechatronics and electronics at Mahle.

»Wireless charging of electric vehicles is just emerging as an important future market. In addition to making life significantly easier for drivers, who no longer have to fiddle with cables and plugs, it is a crucial basic requirement for future autonomous mobility. Here, the transmission efficiency of wireless, inductive charging is comparable to plug-based systems,« explains Dr. Stefan Perras, Head of Advanced Development and Innovation for Charging Infrastructure at Siemens.

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