Magnet-free e-motor without rare earths

6. Mai 2021, 9:09 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Der Motor arbeitet mit induktiver Leistungsübertragung.
The new traction motor from Mahle is wear-free, compact and does not require any rare earths.
© Mahle

Production is more environmentally friendly and brings advantages in terms of costs and raw material security: Mahle is currently developing a new type of magnet-free electric motor that does not require rare earths.

The central feature of the new motor is the inductive and thus contactless power transmission - this allows the motor to operate wear-free and particularly efficiently at high speeds. The efficiency - in the most frequently used driving conditions of the drive system - is over 95 percent. This is a value that has so far only been achieved by Formula E racing cars.

In this way, Mahle wants to combine the strengths of different e-motor concepts in one product. The new development is easily scalable and can therefore be used in everything from small vehicles to commercial vehicles.

»With our new e-motor, we are living up to our responsibility as a company that operates sustainably,« says Michael Frick, Chairman of the Mahle Group Management Board (ad interim) and CFO. »Dispensing with magnets and thus the use of rare earths offers great potential not only in terms of geopolitical advantages but also with regard to the responsible use of nature and resources.«

During development, Mahle uses an innovative simulation method in which various designs of the motor are varied along different parameters until an optimum is reached. Compared to other methods, this approach is significantly faster and more cost-effective.

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