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AI in Vehicle Development

»Machine Learning Revolutionizes Crash Test Simulation.«

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The experts at NTT Data are convinced: The integration of machine learning into the finite element method, which has already proven its worth in crash test simulation, will enable both vehicle and software developers to achieve sustainable results more quickly.

Car manufacturers have been using the finite element method - FEM for short - in their crash test simulations for decades. The parameterization of FE models, however, is highly complex and time-consuming. NTT Data now shows how simulation data has to be prepared so that machine learning can come into play. Using so-called decision trees, the development engineer receives suggestions for finding the optimal and safest vehicle design as quickly as possible. The decision trees serve the developers as a basis for deriving future parameterizations.

The use of AI has several advantages for car manufacturers: the simulation effort is reduced, the design time is shortened and the associated costs are reduced. In addition, vehicle safety can be increased.

"Despite enormous investments and concrete roadmaps for the development of electric mobility and autonomous vehicles, the German automotive industry is often criticized for oversleeping important trends," says Jens-Uwe Holz, Head of Automotive EMEAL at NTT Data. "From the perspective of a global partner of the automotive industry, it is easy to understand why this impression can arise even though it is not true. A look at the different development cycles of automobiles and IT, especially software, shows: This is where worlds meet. "The digital transformation of the automotive industry requires a dialogue of mutual discovery between carmakers and software developers," continues Holz. "With our software simulation we enable a better common understanding and cooperation between mechanical engineers and software developers of the original equipment manufacturers. This will ensure more speed in development and on the market, which German OEMs need in an international comparison".

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