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7. September 2022, 14:30 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
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The automation industry meets again: From November 8th to 10th, around 1,100 exhibitors show their developments at SPS in Nuremberg. In the future, SPS will also be held away from the traditional trade show date at the end of November.

From November 8th to 10th, around 1,100 exhibitors will show the whole range of automation technology and digitalization at SPS. Interested visitors now have the opportunity to book their exhibition ticket via the exhibition website. Due to the Corona pandemic, it is still not possible to purchase tickets on site. As the further course of the Corona pandemic cannot be predicted, the organizer, Mesago Messe Frankfurt, emphasizes that the industry meeting will take place in compliance with all legal requirements in order to protect the health of all participants. Currently, the trade fair can be held without Corona requirements, but should new hygienic regulations or measures to combat the Corona virus be introduced in the fall, the protection and hygienic concept will be adapted accordingly and the legal requirements will be adhered to.

Digital supplement »SPS on air«

The 31st edition of the industry get-together in Nuremberg will be complemented by the digital platform »SPS on air«. Here, participants can not only contact the exhibitors, but also make appointments both on-site and digitally, network with each other and find contacts for specific automation questions. The SPS on air with its interaction options will remain online until Nov. 11th, 2022, and the media library as well as a large part of the recorded lecture program will be available until Nov. 15th. This means that visitors to the presence exhibition will still have the opportunity to view lectures afterwards or to establish contacts with purely digital, international participants.

Lecture program and joint »Automation meets IT« booth

Already in the week before the event starts, ticket holders of the SPS have the opportunity to take part in a pre-heat event with numerous technical presentations and product previews via the digital platform. During the exhibition in Nuremberg, the complementary program will be played at the VDMA/ZVEI Forum on the exhibition grounds in Hall 3 and from the »SPS Live Studio« in Nuremberg via SPS on air. This year, the lecture program with its panel discussions and keynotes is dedicated to the following topics:

  • Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0,
  • Industrial Communications,
  • Safety & Security,
  • New Logistic Methods and robotic integration,
  • Data driven and intelligent concepts for control and visualization,
  • Smart Sensors,
  • Drives,
  • Use cases for AI,
  • Sustainability in automation.

In Hall 6, the joint booth »Automation meets IT« with around 16 exhibitors offers comprehensive insights into the topics:

  • Asset Management,
  • Cloud-based services,
  • Data-centric services,
  • Predictive Maintenance,
  • OPC UA.

Date SPS 2023 and following years

Traditionally, SPS closed the trade show year for the industry at the end of November. In the future, however, the industry get-together will take place earlier: Next year, SPS will be held in Nuremberg from November 14th to 16th, 2023, and in subsequent years it will retain this November timeframe. The following year, the trade show will thus take place from November 12th to 14th, 2024.

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