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Li-ion battery pattern with only 5 minutes charging time

Erste Muster von Batterien mit 5 Minuten Ladezeit.
With its products, StoreDot aims to eliminate range and charging anxiety in the topic of electromobility.
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StoreDot is focused on the development of XFC (Extreme Fast Charging) battery technologies. Now the Israeli company announces that development samples of its first generation battery with 5 minutes charging time are available.

With its development, StoreDot demonstrates the economic feasibility of small form factor XFC batteries. In this way, the company aims to allay users' fears of low range and long charging times for electric vehicles.

StoreDot is releasing the first production batch of sample cells to showcase the technology to potential electric mobility and industry partners. This battery could be used to demonstrate fully charging an electric two-wheeler in just 5 minutes.

The battery could be suitable for ultra-fast charging in a number of other industries, including commercial drone charging and consumer electronics. The first-generation battery engineering samples are expected to demonstrate to electric vehicle and battery manufacturers the successful replacement of graphite in the cell anode with metalloid nanoparticles. This could be a critical breakthrough in overcoming major issues related to safety, cycle life and swelling.

The sample cells were manufactured by EVE Energy, StoreDot's strategic partner in China. Competing technologies sometimes require significant investment in dedicated manufacturing equipment. StoreDot's XFC batteries, on the other hand, are designed to be manufactured on existing Li-ion battery production lines at EVE Energy. The samples comply with UN 38.3, ensuring the safety of Li-ion batteries during the transport of goods.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, commented, »StoreDot is one step closer to its goal of making electric vehicle charging an economic reality in 5 minutes. Our team of scientists has overcome XFC's inherent challenges - such as safety, cycle life and swelling - by using innovative materials and cell designs. Today's announcement marks an important milestone, moving XFC beyond laboratory innovation for the first time to a commercially viable product that can be scaled for mass production. As a next step, we plan to unveil a prototype second-generation silicon-doped anode battery for electric vehicles later this year.«

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