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Kontron Transportation acquires Spanish market competitor

18. Januar 2023, 9:30 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
Bernd Eder
Bernd Eder, Chief Operating Officer Kontron Transportation, is responsible for the project.
© Kontron Transportation

Kontron Transportation has completed the transaction to acquire the public transport business of Kapsch TrafficCom in Spain. The business will be bundled in Arce Mobility Solutions and integrated into the Kontron Transportation Group with headquarters in Vienna.

With the acquisition, Kontron Transportation is contributing to the European Green Deal by promoting public transport. Arce Mobility Solutions generated sales of around 11 million Euro in the fiscal year ending March 2022 and employs 115 people at 9 locations in Spain. The company supplies railroads, metros and buses with equipment and installations for public transport, in particular ticket vending machines, access control systems and park & ride applications. The acquisition expands Kontron Transportation's existing business and presence in the public transport sector in the Iberian market.

Kontron Transportation already owns similar assets in Belgium, North America and the Netherlands. The acquisition is a further step into the booming transportation industry, where the Kontron transportation group already supplies many of the European rail operators with applications for communication technology.

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