Jump in turnover and profit

28. Juli 2022, 12:24 Uhr | Iris Stroh
Jean-Marc Chéry, STMicroelectronics
Jean-Marc Chéry, CEO oft STMicroelectronics: »We will now drive the Company based on a plan for FY22 revenues in the range of $15.9 billion to $16.2 billion and gross margin to be about 47.0%.«
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STMicroelectronics reported second quarter net revenues of $3.84 billion, gross margin of 47.4%, operating margin of 26.2%, and net income of $867 million or $0.92 diluted earnings per share.

Jean-Marc Chery, STMicroelectronics President & CEO, commented: »Q2 net revenues and gross margin came in above the mid-point of our business outlook range driven by continued strong demand for our product portfolio.« On a year-over-year basis, Q2 net revenues increased 28.3%, operating margin increased to 26.2% from 16.3% and net income doubled to $867 million. Chery: »First half net revenues increased 22.9% year-over-year, driven by growth in all product groups and sub-groups.« Operating margin was 25.5% and net income was $1.61 billion.

Year-on-year, MDG (Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group) grew the most in the second quarter with an increase of 39.5 percent. ADG (Automotive and Discrete Group) followed in second place with a 35.1 per cent increase in turnover, while AMS (Analogue, MEMS and Sensors Group) grew by 11.3 per cent.

ST’s third quarter outlook, at the mid-point, is for net revenues of $4.24 billion, increasing year-over-year by 32.6% and sequentially by 10.5%; gross margin is expected to be about 47.0%.

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