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IoT for critical infrastructures

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Eurostars: Full bidirectionality and reduced latency

With this goal in mind, the Swissphone Group and Fraunhofer IIS submitted and won a joint Eurostars funding project this year. The funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Innosuisse will enable Fraunhofer IIS to reduce the uplink latency to less than 2 s and the downlink latency to less than 15 s. The latter will enable new use cases, e.g. controlling actuators, switches and machines via broadcast (controlling all actuators via downlink) or via multicast (controlling a group of actuators via downlink). The project covers the use case of protecting lone workers on industrial sites and in ATEX environments.

As part of the project, Swissphone Wireless AG will develop the s.QUAD Mioty alerting and lone worker protection device in an ATEX version and integrate the new latency-optimised mioty transmission modes into the s.QUAD terminal and the mioty base station mentioned above. Customers who already have the infrastructure in place at this time can easily upgrade to the new functions with a software upgrade. In addition, Swissphone Telecommunications GmbH will develop a mioty I/O bridge as part of the project, which will enable further critical IIoT use cases based on the same infrastructure.

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