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International TSN/A conference virtual for the first time

16. September 2020, 09:17 Uhr   |  Irina Hübner

International TSN/A conference virtual for the first time

With TSN, Ethernet gets a real-time extension and with 5G a new transmission medium. This has implications for a wide range of industries - including the automotive sector. These effects are the focus of the TSN/A Conference, which will take place as a virtual event on October 7 and 8, 2020.

Time Sensitive Networking, or TSN for short, is in the process of establishing itself as a real-time Ethernet standard. Together with 5G and OPC UA, TSN has a major impact on tomorrow's communication technology in the industrial, automotive and audio-video consumer application areas.

The ínternational TSN/A Conference has now established itself as an important information platform on this topic - and this year's virtual conference also offers a comprehensive and high-quality program of presentations.

In his keynote Volker Bibelhausen, CTO of the Weidmüller Group, will address the challenges of a world of factory automation that has been changed by Industry 4.0.
Afterwards, the conference will address the technological aspects of the TSN standard as well as application-specific topics that are relevant in the various markets. The program for the annual technical conference focuses on time-sensitive networks and applications for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), the industrial Internet of Things, real-time audio & video and intelligent transportation systems.

Exciting automotive presentations

There will also be something on the automotive sector: On the second day of the event, Avik Bhattacharya from Keysight will speak on »Comparing the adoption of TSN between automotive and non-automotive networks« and Dr. Armando Astarloa from SoC-e will give a presentation entitled »Taking benefit from TSN in Automotive and in Time-aware Wireless set-ups«.

The TSN/A-Conference is organized by the Avnu Alliance in cooperation with the trade journals Computer&Automation and Elektronik automotive. For the first time, the two-day TSN/A Conference will take place this year as an interactive, virtual conference.

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