Integrated drive module for e-vehicles from Hyundai

11. Juni 2021, 9:07 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Das iDM geht aus dem kombinierten Know-how von BorgWarner und dem kürzlich akquirierten Delphi Technologies kombiniert.
The iDM146 from BorgWarner features a scalable and modular inverter design.
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An integrated drive module (iDM) from BorgWarner is to be installed in small electric cars from the Hyundai Motor Group from mid-2023. The modular technology of the iDM combines electric motor, transmission and inverter.

The iDM is the first product to combine the portfolios of BorgWarner and the recently acquired Delphi Technologies.

»We look back on nearly two decades of partnership with Hyundai Motor Group and are extremely excited about this next step - our first collaboration in the field of electric mobility,« said Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems.

Designed, developed and manufactured by BorgWarner as a high-performance system, the iDM146 is powered by 400 V and has a peak output of 135 kW thanks to the electric motor with HVH (high-voltage hairpin) technology used. The advanced drive technology ensures smooth and quiet operation.

By integrating the gearbox, the motor with a compact 146-mm stator outer diameter and the 400-V silicon inverter into one housing, the overall weight and installation space of the system have been reduced. The iDM146 has a scalable and modular inverter design that can be easily adapted to customer requirements.

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