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3 Questions to Norbert Hauser, Kontron

Innovations wanted

Norbert Hauser
Norbert Hauser is Vice President Marketing at Kontron.
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Kontron recently presented its new products at embedded world. The focus was on COM-HPC as well as all-in-one digitalization solutions. Innovative embedded applications are needed to further drive digitization.

Mr. Hauser, how do you see developments in the field of high-performance computing (HPC)?

There are many different applications that require HPC platforms today or in the future. Depending on the application, there are different requirements for HPC, for example more computing power, greater bandwidth or higher data throughput. With COM Express Type 7, many HPC applications can already be implemented in client products today.

In the future, however, I believe that COM-HPC will become one of the leading platforms for HPC – both for client and server applications. In the meantime, the specification for the total of five form factors has been released by PICMG. We are already developing a COM-HPC Server Module Type D as well as a corresponding COM-HPC Carrier and plan to launch these in the third quarter of the year. Further COM-HPC modules – also for client applications – will follow.

The areas of application are versatile, for example in the Communication Edge for 5G/10G applications or in the Intelligent Edge of automation. Here, in addition to workload consolidation, more and more tasks are moving from the cloud to the edge. This also applies to the areas of medicine, measurement and testing, and autonomous vehicles.

How does »SUSiEtec« help developers implement AI applications?

When it comes to AI, SUSiEtec focuses on applications that offer customers concrete added value. The central element here is the software-side implementation or optimization of neural networks. However, we also support our customers with options such as AI cloud computing and AI accelerators. Here, practicality and total cost of ownership are the determining parameters. Most of our applications work with AI, but inevitably not visibly to the customer.

Our software libraries also follow this philosophy: For example, if a customer wants to go a little deeper and build his own application on top of our components. They are written in C++ and can therefore handle the available computing power very efficiently. However, they can also be accessed from high-level languages such as ».Net« or »Java«.

What else is there to say?

Corona has significantly accelerated the digital transformation in all areas. During this, innovative embedded/IoT applications are needed in both hardware and software. We want to support our customers, especially SMEs, in implementing their applications. To this end, we see it as essential to offer not only technologies and products, but also competent consulting from a single source.

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