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Infineon Technologies Outperforms Market

21. August 2018, 13:30 Uhr | Ralf Higgelke
Dr. Reinhard Ploss (Infineon): Dank seiner sachlichen Kommunikation und Fachkompetenz hat sich Ploss nach unserer Einschätzung zum DAX-CEO-Liebling von Bundeskanzlerin und Physikerin Angela Merkel entwickelt und sitzt bei allen deutsch-chinesischen R
Infineon extends its market leadership for power semiconductors, say the analysts of IHS Markit.
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For 2017, industry analyst IHS Markit confirms Infineon Technologies as the global market leader for power semiconductors. In the most of submarkets they clearly outperform the market growth, especially in the submarket they are not the market leaders: in IPMs.

In the overall market, which also includes power ICs, Infineon remained the lead and achieved the biggest organic growth across the industry. This is the result of the Power Semiconductor Market Share Database 2017 from August 2018 from IHS Markit.

In the submarket for discretes and modules, Infineon has been confirmed number one for the fifteenth time in a row, increased its market share and is now more than double the size of the company in second place. In the market for discrete IGBTs, Infineon is now more than three times the size of the next smaller competitor. Infineon made the next big leap in IPMs: The company increased its market share by 1.4 percentage points – more than all the competitors. In addition, at 39.2 percent, Infineon grew almost two times faster than the market (20.1 percent).

Power semiconductors help to efficiently generate and convert power from wind turbines and photovoltaic systems. The power is then provided to home appliances, notebooks or data centers among others with minimum losses. That saves resources and ensures a sustainable power supply.

  • Overall Market (incl. Power ICs):
    Market Size: 42.4 billion US Dollars
    Market Growth: 10.1%
    Infineon: Number 1; market share 12.5%; growth 15.1% (+0.5 %-pts.)
  • Discretes and Modules:
    Market Size: 18.5 billion US Dollars
    Market growth: 13.1% (highest growth since 2010)
    Infineon: Number 1; market share 18.6%; growth 16.8% (+0.6 %-pts.)
  • MOSFETs:
    Market Size: 6.7 billion US Dollars
    Market Growth: 13.5%
    Infineon: Number 1; market share 26.4%; growth 13.5% (+0.4 %-pts.)
  • Discrete IGBTs:
    Market Size: 1.1 billion US Dollars
    Market Growth: 15.3%
    Infineon: Number 1; market share 38.5%; growth 22.6% (+2.3 %-pts.)
  • IPMs:
    Market Size: 1.6 billion US Dollars
    Market Growth: 20.1%
    Infineon: Number 3; market share 10.3%; growth 39.2% (+1.4 %-pts.)
  • Standard IGBT modules:
    Market Size: 2.2 billion US Dollars
    Market Growth 14.5%
    Infineon: Number 1; market share 33.9%; growth 19.3% (+1.4 %-pts.)

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