VR Entertainment in the Audi

Holoride on the Way to Series Production

9. September 2021, 9:26 Uhr | Kathrin Veigel
Infotainment offerings will play a decisive role in the interior of the future. New technologies, such as Holoride, are set to change in-car entertainment from 2022.
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Virtual worlds will soon be available in the Audi: In the near future, you will be able to take a seat in the rear and immerse yourself in games, movies and presentations with virtual reality glasses. The highlight here is that the virtual content will adapt to the car's movements in real time.

The start-up Holoride wants to turn car travel into a multimodal experience. In the future, passengers in the back seat will be able to experience movies, video games and interactive content much more realistically with the help of virtual reality (VR) glasses. Behind this is a technology that adapts virtual content to the car's driving movements in real time: If the car drives through a right-hand bend, for example, the spaceship in the imaginary world also flies to the right. If the car accelerates, so does the spaceship.

The motion-synchronized journey through virtual worlds also reduces the risk of nausea that often occurs in the car, for example when reading a book or consuming audiovisual media on electronic tablets. The development of VR or XR (extended reality) technology was initiated by Audi and is being driven forward by Holoride and commercialized across manufacturers.

New media category: Elastic Content

Holoride released the software development kit (SDK) called »Elastic« on its »Creator Space«. The Elastic SDK is designed for the Unity game engine and gives developers access to tool3s to create immersive game experiences and entertainment formats.

»Elastic Content« represents a new category of media made for moving cars, enabling a novel approach to content creation. Whether it's a space adventure, streaming the latest blockbuster, or an educational tour of a historic city, the possibilities are virtually endless.

More possibilities in autonomous driving

In the future, the progressive automation of driving will not only enable new forms of entertainment while driving - it will also open up more opportunities for learning and working on the road. Because in the future, when drivers no longer have to concentrate on driving, they can turn their attention to other things: Working, reading, watching movies - or playing video games.

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