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Higher Productivity in Safe Mines

Swarm-Bee-Module von Nanotron
The use of RF sensor networks and localization services not only increases the efficiency of mining operations, but also increases safety.
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To improve safety and productivity in mines, Marco has integrated Nanotron's Swarm-Bee sensor modules into its own devices.

Equipped with the RF sensor modules from Nanotron, devices and persons can recognize what is happening in their environment and they can be localized at any time. For example, they continuously collect information about support devices, in longwall systems and mining equipment, in order to increase safety in mines. At the same time, this increases work efficiency because the personnel and the machines can carry out more work steps per time than before. According to Dr. Jens Albers, CEO of Nanotron, the potential of IoT in industrial environments can only be fully exploited via location services.
"Many manufacturers now recognize this," says Albers. "We are experiencing growing demand, especially from Russia and China, the world's largest markets for mining machinery." According to Albers, it is not only important to exactly understand the sensor modules and their integration into networks and finally the construction of localization systems, but also to know their use under the conditions in the mines in detail.  Because Nanotron systems have already been used in mining for many years, the company has already gained a great deal of experience here and has been able to incorporate this knowledge into new developments.
This is confirmed by Martin Reuter, CEO of Marco: "In Marco's longwall systems, each monitoring unit is directly integrated into Nanotron's network and can communicate in real time. This gives us a clear advantage over our competitors' systems."


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