Car love is through the nose

Heycar presents the unisex new car fragrance

07. Juli 2021, 11:45 Uhr   |  Irina Hübner

Heycar presents the unisex new car fragrance
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Heycar developed this new fragrance in collaboration with the Berlin-based fragrance manufacturer Frau Tonis Parfum.

Heycar has designed its own perfume: With the new car fragrance - with aromas of thyme, saffron and suede, as well as raspberries and toasted aromas - the used car platform wants to evoke emotions like those that arise when you first get into your own new car.

Sitting in your own new car for the first time is a special moment: as soon as you open the door, the scent of new textiles and plastics is clearly perceptible. A representative study commissioned by heycar Deutschland proves that love of cars is also a matter of the nose: for just under one in two (47 percent), a pleasant scent in the interior of a car is a decisive factor in buying. For 18 percent, according to the survey, the smell is even more decisive than the image of the brand, and 17 percent find it more important than the age of the vehicle.

Almost one in two (47 percent) also claim to recognize their own car by the smell of the interior alone. One in five (20 percent) even believes they can recognize their partner's car by its scent; a full 17 percent think they can recognize their mother's or father's car.

Experiencing the feeling of a new car every day

So that the special smell of a new vehicle can be experienced every day anew, heycar Germany has captured and olfactorily imitated this in co-operation with the Berlin smell manufactory Mrs. Tonis perfume - and held thereby its mark promise in a perfume. Because all vehicles available through heycar are tested and come with a warranty. That's why they not only feel like new cars, they smell like them, too.

»We wanted to match this very special but pleasant and emotionally charged smell of a new car with our quality promise. With the warranty and our high standards, heycar customers already enjoy the benefits of a new car. This is the message that our new car scent conveys. At the same time, it was important to us that the fragrance be wearable, which was achieved in the best possible way thanks to the expertise of Frau Tonis Parfum,« explains Carsten Riedel, Team Lead Brand and Communications at heycar Germany.

Exclusive unisex fragrance, but limited edition

The result is an exclusive unisex fragrance: the new heycar fragrance contains powerful aromas of thyme, saffron and suede, as well as raspberries and roasted aromas. The purity and coolness that comes from the industrial material of a new car is achieved through green apple, lemon and peppermint. However, the limited edition new car fragrance was produced exclusively for the current heycar campaign and unfortunately will not be available in stores.

The study was conducted by the Appinio market research institute on behalf of heycar Germany. 1000 German citizens were surveyed in the period from June 16 to 17, 2021.

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